What is a natural way to help acne?

natural way to help acneAcne affects the majority of teenagers, regardless of gender and race, around the world. Even celebrities and popular people had bouts of acne during their teenage years. It is unavoidable but the breakout can be controlled and contained. Depending on one’s hormones and immune system, acne can stay on the face, back, or neck for months and could lead to skin discoloration and scars.

While modern science promises quick treatment of acne, which usually manifests in the form of pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads, these treatments are often expensive and painful. Imagine a machine peeling off the first layer of your skin to unclog your pores. The thought of it is already discomforting enough although these methods are proven effective.

Since acne affects mostly teenagers, expensive treatments are often the last resort due to financial constraints. This prompts those affected with acne to look for natural ways to help cure acne and there are actually plenty of remedies that you can find at home, in the kitchen, and in your garden. While visiting the dermatologists should be your first move when acne starts to occur, you actually don’t have to use chemically concocted liquids to treat your acne.

Some of the natural herbs that provide immediate relief of acne can be found in the backyard or even in one’s own kitchen. These types of herbs are safe to use with little to no allergic reactions at all. Starting in the kitchen, the cooled cooked oatmeal has proven to be a great exfoliating agent when mixed with honey. It effectively draws out skin impurities and removes dead skin cells resulting in a healthy glow.

Lemon juice has exfoliating and peeling agents that can attack bacteria that causes acne while baking soda also has properties that can clear up dead skin cells and unclog the pores. In the backyard, aloe vera, chamomile, and tea tree oil have detoxifying agents that can cure inflammation and prevent bacteria build up, thus preventing acne from spreading.

Although natural herbs have been proven effective in treating acne, living a healthy lifestyle by avoiding too much stress and eating a well-balanced diet can help prevent acne from breaking out. Regularly washing your face with running water, coupled with mild soap, is also a natural way to treat acne because it cleans the pores of impurities and bacteria.

Keeping your hands and hair from touching your face is also a natural way to prevent acne from further spreading to other parts of your face. Since our hands touches dirty objects all the time, touching your face could transport the bacteria and germs from the hands to the facial skin. When you have acne, it is best to keep your hands away from your face.

While dermatologists will often suggest scientific treatment, ask around for natural acne remedies that are inexpensive and safe to apply. The results may not be instant but natural regiments could help get those pimples off your face in the long run.

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