How to Minimize Acne Scars

Although acne breakouts usually go away in time, sometimes the scars from severe acne breakouts can last a lifetime. If you have acne, finding ways to minimize the chance of the skin becoming permanently scarred How to Minimize Acne Scarsshould be a priority. In some cases, a person might only suffer from acne breakouts during their teenage years, but the resulting scars become permanent. Although it might not be possible to avoid every acne scar, there are certainly some ways that one can minimize them. If you’d like to minimize your chances for developing permanent acne scars, here are some tips that can help.

 Treat Severe Acne Aggressively

Although minor acne breakouts may not pose a significant risk of permanent scarring, more severe acne breakouts are an entirely different situation. If you suffer from severe, inflamed or cystic acne, your best bet is consulting with a dermatologist. In some cases, prescription acne medications are necessary in order to get severe acne under control. The longer you delay treatment, the greater your chances for permanent scarring as a result of severe acne breakouts. Although you might eventually get even a severe case of acne under control on your own using quality over-the-counter acne care products, achieving a quick cure through the use of prescription acne medications is the best way to avoid potential long-term scarring.

Treat Acne-Prone Skin Gently

If you want to avoid potential scarring, it’s important to treat your acne-prone skin gently. Whether you are cleansing the skin or applying acne care products, you should take the time to apply them gently so as to not create further damage to the skin. In many cases skin that is ravaged by acne can be quite fragile and easily damaged. Although many people think that harsh skin cleansers and abrasive products are needed to clean the pores, gentler products are often just as effective and are less likely to cause skin damage.

Use Products that Promote Healing

In addition to using skin care products that are designed to get to the root of the acne problem, many people find that products designed to heal the skin can be quite helpful. If the skin is able to heal quickly and effectively, there will be less of a chance of permanent scarring. Some people find that natural products containing skin-nourishing vitamins, minerals or herbs can be quite helpful. However, if you plan to use one of these products in addition to your prescription acne medication, it’s best to discuss the product with your dermatologist before using it.

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