how to get rid of acne on your back

If you suffer from acne on your back or other areas of the body besides just your face, this is a good sign that you have more than just mild acne. Although not everyone who suffers from acne is prone to back breakouts, it can be very distressing and uncomfortable for those who do experience it. Back acne tends to be more prevalent among young boys and men, but basically it can happen to almost anyone. If you want to learn how to get rid of acne on your back, here are a few tips you can try.

Shower Cleansing is Best

The difficulty most people experience when trying to wash and treat back acne is one of the reasons why it’s frequently so hard to cure. Although it’s easy to see and treat acne on your face, it’s a bit more difficult to reach every area of your back. Instead of struggling with this problem, just use the shower. The shower makes it a lot easier to cleanse the pores of your back, especially if you take the time to allow warm water to spray on your back before you start the cleansing process. Since this technique will naturally help open up the pores of your skin due to the heat, your cleansing and acne care products will have a chance to work more effectively.

Even in the shower, you might find that it’s difficult to reach and wash all areas of your back. If this is the case, try using a soft body brush to get the job done. Be careful not to choose a brush or scrubber that is too stiff or scratchy, since you don’t want to further irritate your skin. If even the softest body brush seems too rough for your sensitive acne-prone skin, try covering the bristled end of the brush with a soft washcloth. After standing under the warm spray of water for several minutes, lather up the brush or washcloth with a good skin cleanser designed to help treat acne. Wash all areas of your back, being careful not to scrub the skin too hard. Follow the directions of your skin care product carefully. Once your back has been thoroughly cleansed, rinse completely by once again standing under a spray of warm water. After showering, blot your skin dry gently and apply your favorite acne care product. With continued treatment, it’s very likely that you’ll see a gradual reduction in your back acne breakouts.

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