Start the New Year Right with Clearer, Healthier Skin

The start of a brand new year is a great time to incorporate a few good habits into your daily life. If you are prone to acne breakouts, why not make a New Year’s resolution to achieve clearer, healthier skin during the coming year? If you’ve simply been “putting up” with your acne breakouts instead of really looking for a solution, perhaps this will be the year that you’ll solve your acne problems. Here are a few tips that will help make this the year that you’ll finally get your acne breakouts under control.

Clean Out Your Shelves

The start of a new year is a great time to clean house. The same is true about acne treatment products that really haven’t been producing results for you. Take a look in your bathroom medicine cabinet or vanity drawer. Do you have an assortment of partially used acne treatment products, most of which you don’t even use? Are any of these products actually past their expiration date? Start the year fresh by getting rid of ineffective skin care products. Check the expiration dates of the products you actually use. If they are too old, discard them and purchase a fresh supply. Outdated products are often less effective, and could even make your skin problems worse. It’s better to purchase a few fresh products as compared to hanging on to a myriad of old and ineffective ones.

Resolve to Live a Healthier Lifestyle

Although acne treatment products are usually the key to getting skin problems under control, you should never discount the advantage that a healthy lifestyle can provide you. The start of a new year is a great time to add a few healthy habits to your everyday life. For example, resolve to eat fewer greasy foods while adding more fresh fruits and vegetables to your daily diet. Starting a daily exercise regime can also be a great way to improve your overall health and give your skin a whole new glow. As an added bonus, many people find that exercise can be a great stress reliever.

Develop a Good Skin Care Regime and Stick to It

It can be easy to get a bit lax in regards to one’s skin care regime. If you’ve gotten into the habit of not using your acne treatment products as directed, let this be the year that you make a change. In many cases, simply washing your face twice a day and using your acne care products as directed can help transform problematic skin into a fresher, healthier look.

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